Hoa V. Ho

System Architect, Cloud-based & Big-Data Solutions Expert


What I am all about.

A multi-skilled Technical Architect/Senior Software Engineer with a get­-things-­done attitude and comprehensive experience of designing, developing and deploying architectures for ETL pipeline and distributed, highly­ scalable cloud ­based software solutions. Possessing a proven ability to lead project teams to successfully deliver agreed upon solutions of the highest quality, often in complex and challenging customer environments.


What I'm good at & to do.

Large­ scaled application development


Data Architecture Design


Big Data (Hadoop/Apache Spark)


ETL Pipeline




Spring Framework (Java)


OOP + Functional Programming (Scala)


Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)


Data modeling


Design Patterns




CI is my way of life !



Spring Framework




Spark/Spark SQL












Some of my achievements ... Looking forward to the future
2015 – Present

Hart, Inc.

Head of Platform | Data Platform Technical Architect | Senior Software Engineer

Costa Mesa, CA

-Spearheaded, Designed and Developed Hart Data Platform that power ALL data extraction, migration and archival projects.

-Pioneered Hart's proprietary dynamic EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) which allow hospitals to group medical records on a large-scale, allowing for more comprehensive and accurate care.

-Reduced data ingestion, processing and delivery time by 95% by streamlining and establishing complex ETL (Extract / Transform / Load) processes and pipeline automation.

-Designed and engineered data searching & indexing solution used for database schema exploration. This solution helped reduce time required to explore new, unknown database in EMR system by 90%; thereby helping win over hospitals’ partnership and more projects (CHOC Case Study - https://hart.com/case-studies/choc/)

-Built a major n-directional data flow POC in 2 days to demonstrate capabilty of Hart Platform. Its success helped develop long-term partnership with one of market leader for Healthcare Information and Management Systems.

-Upgraded the above data flow POC to become sub-system of Hart Platform providing real-time, continuous integration solution - allowing data flowing across systems (both external & internal) in multiple format via an API.

-Built and empowered autonomous Platform team, increasing new clients onboarding capacity by 500%.

-Implemented main-and-only API to Platform’s data lake which provide an unified view of patients’ records spanning all data in hospitals system including acute, ambulatory, labs and financials.

-Implemented internal core Platform controlling API to manage whole ETL pipeline and power Admin Console product which provides complete control with the ability to approve, onboard, enable, manage, and analyze where and how data flows from Hart platform.

Tools & Languages: Java, Spring Framework, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Spring Integration, Oozie, Sqoop, Apache Spark, Scala, Hadoop, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSql, Oracle

2014 – 2015

Saritasa, LLC.

Technical Architect

Newport Beach, CA

-Designed and implemented Images Indexing solution running on AWS EMR to download and index approximately 100 millions images for PHIND project (a real-time places discovery product).

-Implemented advanced photo regconition technology feature of PHIND. This feature allows users to easily take a photo of any place and it will identify images and provide relevant information in seconds.

-Designed architecture and directed engineering team to implement an advertising platform (with features of 3D ad campaigns management, real-time ad slot bidding and sophisticated ads budget and performance monitoring) (https://www.saritasa.com/portfolio/trivver-ad-exchange-platform).

Tools & Languages: JavaEE6, Hazelcast, RabbitMQ, Hadoop MapReduce, AWS, Wildfly 8 Server, JAX-RS, Google Cloud Platform services (including AppEngine, Google DataStore, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, PubSub, TaskQueue)

2013 – 2014

Fpt USA Corp (DirectTV Client)

Technical Project Manager

El Segundo, CA

-Coordinated an offshore development agile team to develop and deliver DirecTV XMPP Communication System which is designed to support the Universal Profile project.

---This XMPP communication system facilitates several DirecTV headend services (Device Notification and Data Service) to send commands to DirecTV broadband connected Set Top Boxes (STB). Such commands include requesting STB to send playlist data, update, reboot or parental control data.

---The system is designed to support millions concurrent connections to STB and deployed in multiple regional data centers across the U.S.

-Acted as a technical liaison between DirecTV teams and offshore team.

-Owned the technical engagement and ultimate success of DirecTV projects outsourced to FUSA.

-Reviewed codes to meet DirecTV quality standards.

-Developed a deep expertise in Tigase XMPP server implementation as well as broad know-how around how applications and services are constructed.

Tools & Languages: Spring 3 framework, Tomcat 6, XMPP, Tigase XMPP Server

2008 – 2013

CallComm Technologies, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer | Platform Lead

Irvine, CA

- Designed, implemented and delivered XMPP based Instant Message (IM) library and XMPP like, SIP based IM Server from ground-up (used by Smart CallConnector Advanced Client & Operator

- Executed and implemented core infrastructure components of eServe Project - a web service to provide a scalable cloud-based customer service marketplace and call center.

Tools & Languages: JavaEE 6 (EJB, JPA, CDI etc), JBoss AS 7, AWS – Amazon Web Services (EC2, ELB, RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, S3 etc), Qt C++, Twillio


2006 – 2008

Western Kentucky University

Master of Computer Science

Bowling Green, KY

Graduated with Honors - Summa Cum Laude

2002 – 2005

RMIT University

Bachelor, Applied Science in Software Engineering

Melbourne, Australia

Graduated with High Distinction

Achieved Golden Key Honor for Top 15% excellent students



AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate